Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my order be processed?

Typically, order processing begins based on the description of the purchased product. However, there may occasionally be delays of up to 48 hours. If the delay extends beyond this period, you are entitled to a refund in accordance with our policies.

What should I do if I entered incorrect order information?

If you enter incorrect order information, it is entirely your responsibility.

But, still, if this happens, write to us at or contact form

What if I made an order for a private profile?

We suggest you disable the private mode on your profile and contact us to re-process your order.
You may receive a refund because the service was not provided on our part.

What can I do if I’ve lost my followers after some time?

You should read the description in order to make sure there is a guarantee for this order and determine whether you are in the warranty period or not. If you are, then contact us and we will take care of the problem.

Why the order does not match the description?

In regard to changes in the functioning of different services there might be some inconsistencies, so we will be grateful if you will help us to identify the problem, please contact us if you see one and we will try to correct this.

What if I enter an incorrect email address?

It's okay, but you won't be able to receive a letter notifying about the order processing failure if there is one, or a response from the technical support.